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About Kosher in Midtown

Kosher in Midtown is a fast-paced Kosher restaurant with a variety of cuisines – Mediterranean, Chinese, Hawaiian, Sushi, Teriyaki Chicken, Buffalo Wings, Sushi Donuts located in the middle of Midtown at 43 East 34 street. We’re the neighbors of the Empire State Building, and we’re about to become your go-to choice for Kosher food. 

We’ve perfected menus with  over 100 dishes from 

Eden Wok – Chinese cuisine is matched with sushi & sashimi

Koshe Poke – Hawaiian customizable Poke bowls,  burritos & salads 

Pitopia – New York city’s authentic famous falafel, grilled chicken, & schnitzel

Buffalo2go – The original kosher buffalo wing

Teriyaki Wok – Japanese Teriyaki Chicken 

Sushi Donut Shop – Trendy twist. Sushi Rolls shaped as a donut shape and topped with your choice of vegetables and fish.

We’re a one-of-a-kind gem serving lunch and dinner Sunday–Thursday. One of our favorite things we offer? A booming midnight buffet on Thursdays — for only $12.95!

Looking to feed a large party or luncheon? Give us a call, we can help make any occasion one to celebrate with vibrant colors and flavors.



Mon – 11AM -10PM

Tue – 11AM -10PM

Wed- 11AM -10PM

Thu – 11AM -10PM

Fri – 11AM -4PM

Sat – Closed

Sun – 11AM -10PM